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£655.00 / £100.00 Deposit

Do you have an infrared-modified digital camera that you’re struggling to get to grips with? Maybe you’re considering investing in one but you’re not sure if IR really is for you? Or perhaps you’ve tried ‘faking it’ in Photoshop and realised that the only way to produce convincing infrared images is to do it properly!  Either way, this workshop could be just what you’re looking for. I’ve been an infrared devotee for over 30 years, initially shooting fiddly IR film, and for the last decade using a variety of infrared-converted digital DSLRs, so I’ve decided it’s time to share my enthusiasm and knowledge for this fascinating genre.

If you already have an infrared-modified camera then you’re good to go. If you don’t, you have three options. One is to buy an infrared-transmitting filter such as the Hoya R72 and use that on a conventional digital SLR. You can still produce amazing IR images with it, but the process is a little more fiddly (I can assist you during the workshop). The second is to get a digital camera body converted - maybe you have an older DSLR gathering dust that you no longer use? The third is to hire an infrared-modified camera from Advanced Camera Services (ACS), the UK’s leader in IR conversion. They have a limited range of converted cameras and have kindly agreed to loan them to workshop participants for a £80 (subject to availability). I can arrange that on your behalf if requested. ACS will also offer participants of this workshop a 10% discount off the cost of converting a digital camera for infrared use, so you could do that before or after the workshop.

The workshop begins at 6.30pm on May 24th 2023, when we meet for a drink and chat in the bar of the Northgate House Hotel, Buckfastleigh, before sitting down for dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. After dinner, I will show a presentation of my infrared images from Dartmoor and other destinations. After dinner on the 24th, I will demonstrate the post processing techniques I apply to my infrared photographs. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need bright sunshine to produce stunning infrared images, so the good news is this workshop won’t be weather dependent – even a dull, dreary day can work as there’s infrared radiation around all the time. We don’t need to worry about being up and out at some ungodly hour for sunrise or sunset either, so the days will begin at 9am after breakfast and end at 6pm. Between times we’ll be out on location, and the itinerary will remain flexible so we can make best use of the weather and locations.

The wild, ancient landscape of Dartmoor is perfect for infrared photography, as the images here and in my Infrared portfolio on this website demonstrate. Over the two days of the workshop we’ll cover a range of great locations, including (time-permiting): Combestone Tor, Hound Tor, Vixen Tor, Bowerman’s Nose, Nun's Cross Farm, Wistman’s Wood, Buckland Woods, Brentor and the Windy Post. We’ll also make numerous stops while travelling between locations as you can take great shots literally anywhere on Dartmoor.

If you would like to book an extra night at the hotel on May 26th to avoid travelling home that night, please let me know. Also email me if you'd like any advice on getting a camera converted for infrared.

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    £100.00 / £655.00

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    24th - 26th May, 2023

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    2 nights accommodation in an en-suite room for single use in the Northgate House Hotel (www.buckfast.org.uk/accommodation), all meals, transport during the workshop and tuition from Lee.

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    Travel to/from the workshop, drinks and snacks, insurance, photographic equipment and materials.

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    Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England

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